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Egg nucleus soul sperm But it was not until nearly years later, when the union of the nuclei of egg and sperm were observed, that the sperm’s true significance was finally generally accepted. Yet the sperm, just as much as the egg, is dependent on a great many related processes.

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In physiological terms, fertilization is also the name of the process in which a sperm nucleus fuses with an egg nucleus, eventually leading to the production of a new plant. In animal reproductive systems, sperm are mobile and can swim to egg cells, but sperm travel quite differently in seed-bearing plants.

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Difference between Egg Cells and Sperm Cells. The egg cells have a nucleus that is surrounded by cytoplasm, which is guarded by the zona pellucid and the follicular cells. A sperm cell consists of a head, a mid-piece and a tail. The head contains the nucleus with densely coiled chromatin fibers, surrounded anteriorly by an acrosome.

BIO: REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM. Oogenesis (production of an egg) begins in the FETUS and arrest as a PRIMARY oocyte (2N) at BIRTH. Development of the oocyte starts again at PUBERTY, on a monthly basis, when the oocyte completes MEIOSIS I (and becomes 1N secondary oocyte) at the stimulation of the hormone FSH. The reason only one sperm can get in is because after one has penetrated through the egg, the egg sends a wave that sends the sperm away. This is why having twins is more rare than having one baby.
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During fertilisation, the sperm adds 23 chromosomes to the egg to create a typical 46 chromosome nucleus, but with one big difference (below). So, theoretically, yes, two egg nuclei containing 23 of your chromosomes can make a viable 46 chromosome cell (zygote).

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